First of all, I love my dog. Let’s just get that out of the way. It’s taken many years of calling a writing my “craft” to admit it’s therapy. When I can’t do it, my brain goes a little haywire. High school friends tell me that becoming an author was always my dream but, I can’t believe I was ever that bold. 

My professional writing career began in Hollywood as a screenwriter. Which is as crazy and occasionally glamorous as it sounds, heavy on the crazy. My first book happened when I’d moved back to Seattle and my Hollywood agent said, “You can have another kid or a career,” (yes, it was a dude,) so I hung up that particular dream and picked out another.  Once I’d figured out what I could write best: smart, funny books with intense family relationships and romance, well, the deal was sealed. 

 Now I spend my mornings writing, my afternoons working with special needs grade school-aged children and my weekends collapsing on the couch.  Home is Seattle where I live with one husband and the world’s cutest dog. Our two daughters live nearby and here’s hoping it stays that way. Happy reading and thanks again for stopping by.